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Edwardian Ball 2012

Edwardian Ball!

So I arrived in San Francisco last week.  Everyone kept asking whether I was attending the Edwardian Ball, but I’d never heard of it! Apparently it’s a super duper amazing and decedent ball with an Edward Gorey theme! I wanted to go SO BAD but having no costumes here I resigned myself to staying home/doing something else/flopping about dramatically pouting (a la the character in the opening sequence of Masterpiece Theater).  Fast forward a few days and some friends had an extra ticket + another friend (Calli!) (and her facebook)lent me an outfit and things were allllll good. No flopping or fainting needed, until it came time to tease my hair in a rush.

It was really awesome to dress up in somebody else’s clothing + try out a new character.  I sort of imagined that I was a goth, flapper gone back in time to bring the Edwardian women bathtub gin and talk to them about voting. All in all much silliness was had, my companions were beautifully dressed (complete with bejeweled cockroaches), and we made an awesome photo flip book (that I should video and put on here are some point, it’s super cute!).

Here are a few pics from my iphone of my makeup! I decided to do simple but dramatic makeup inspired by flappers. I used eyeliner on my eyebrows, lids, waterline and lips. To get the shiny look on my lips I just dabbed some loose MAC pigment on there to set it. It lasted all night, even after applying lip gloss!

Edwardian Ball Makeup

Edwardian Ball Makeup

And here are some picture taken by my friend Broxton!

Yay! What a fun night! Special thanks to Todd and KT for being my super swell escorts :) I can’t wait until I’m more settled and know the cool places to go and make costumes for :)

<3 Tess Aquarium