Hair Bleaching Basics

There are many lovely tutorials online for how to bleach and dye your hair funny colors.  This series is mainly for my friends who frequently ask me for advice :) Rather than retell everyone the same info over and over again I want to be able to link them to one place and maybe people on the internet will find this useful as well. I’ll be writing a series of articles: How to Bleach, How to Dye, How to do your eyebrows and how to troubleshoot!

***FYI I am NOT a trained professional.  Your mileage may vary. this is what works for me and keeps my hair healthy and happy. I have medium/thick hair that is quite dark and a scalp that is not too sensitive. This is a pretty aggressive bleaching method so you’ve been warned! ***

194:365 Clown Hair

Shopping list

  • Bleach Powder. I use Clairol BW 2000
  • 40 level developer, any brand is fine.  For finer hair use a lower level, or just keep your eyes on your hair so it doesn’t melt!
  • Ardell Red Gold Color Corrector Plus
  • Tint Brush
  • Bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Neutral Protein Filler


  1. Mix ingredients by following the directions on the bleach powder tub.
  2. Mix the Red Gold Color Corrector into the bleach following directions on box. This will help your hair getting bright and white without needing to do another process.  This product is really amazing! It will make your bleach a pretty purple color
  3. Apply to hair with a tint brush for best coverage, a helper is good for this! I like to start in the front as that is where people see when they look at my face :) Try to keep as much of the bleach off your scalp as possible, it can burn! If you are touching up roots on already bleached hair try to avoid getting bleach on already bleached hair. It is more damaged and will be very sad to get bleached again. Wipe off any bleach that isn’t where it should be.
  4. Wrap hair is plastic wrap and set a timer for 15 minutes. Your hair will get very warm, this means it’s working. You may also feel very uncomfortable from the bleach. Try to bear it but if you are in MAJOR pain then abort the mission. This means you are getting chemical burns.
  5. Check your hair! If your hair is not platinum, and not falling out in large chunks, leave bleach in for 5-15 more minutes.
  6. Once you have achieved the level of lightness you want rinse all the bleach out and shampoo. DO NOT CONDITION! This will make hair less receptive to dye. That is unless you just want platinum hair, then condition away.
  7. Towel dry hair and apply neutral protein filler according to instructions on bottle. Basically when you bleach you are putting big holes in your hair! This will fill in the holes and make your hair feel like real hair again. Magic!
  8. Add dye.  I will go into this more in detail in another article :)

Wasn’t that easy?

What does improperly bleached hair look like?

67:365 Dye Day

Oops? How did this happen? I didn’t leave my bleach in long enough and I didn’t use a toner.

What does properly bleached hair look like?

28:365 In between hairdos

Baby ducks! Soft, fluffy, white clouds! Country Snow! Magic!

Thanks for reading! More info soon and ask any questions you have here!

<3 Miss Tess Aquarium


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7 Responses to Hair Bleaching Basics

  1. Queta says:

    Perfect timing! I go back to work next week and wanted to bleach and dye my hair before that, but my bleaching skills are a little rusty. Can’t wait for your hair dyeing tips!

  2. Anjre says:

    Any advice on bleaching dreads and not turning them into spaghetti?

    • Miss Tess says:

      Anjre: I am not sure but I will do some research! I’m assuming the same thing…just keep your eyes suuuuppppper close on them. I’ll let you know if I find out more!

  3. kubo says:

    hokay: this is exactly, precisely the ‘cosmetic hair instruction for nerds/dorks’ i’ve always wanted. maybe now i can stop being such a pussy and dye my hair like a boss. thanks, missTRESS.



  4. Jacinta says:

    I was wondering if you have any tips for making it hurt less? I want to bleach my hair then dye it red orange but I’m worried it’ll hurt a lot and I’m really bad with pain.

    Thanks if you can help xx

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