So it’s been a crazy 8 months since I moved to SF! I have been keeping myself so busy there has been barely time to check email let alone pay attention to my blog.  Well, I’m about to change that and do some major photo blogging updating. Up first, some fun pictures of new eyeball products, my new display and kitties.

So eyeball brooches are an old Miss Tess Aquarium Staple. Something about the insouciant gaze of the teddy bear eyeball, the unexpected pop of crin and the jaunty flowers.  I love making them and I recently turned them from simply brooches into a brooch/hair clip combo! Surprisingly I don’t have a lot of pictures of them being worn as hair pieces, though someone did get this adorable snap of Nadya and me at the Rookie Mag picnic (which was THE FUNNEST btw, I met so many awesome ladies and I didn’t feel that weird to be 2x older than most of the girls!)

I love this one of Nadya at my bday tea party.

The goth and the cowgirl. <3 w @nadya_lev  #goth #cowgirl #ladiez

Bilateral Symmetry!

Here’s some completed eyeball brooches. I’ve been trying to make more black/red/white combos + natural/darker colors, too.

What I made last night!

And 10 eyeball brooch/barrettes.  Thanks @aerialdomo for all the help!!

2:24 am. 9 pairs of unicorn arm warmers, 25 eyeball clips, and 20+ eyeball brooches complete + ready for show tomorrow.

A little while ago I needed to make a display to send to an underwater themed party. I wasn’t able to watch my stuff so I need to make it easier for someone else to mind. I have used old luggage in the past to make displays but decided to get a little fancier and make a little under sea scene. I want to add a little net to the back but other than that I’m happy with it and it’s ready to go! Thank you to my roommate  Audrey Penven for snapping these photos for me late one night!

Around my warehome I have lots of wonderful people who help me out during a crunch. Two of my best helpers are Puck and Christina.

@aerialdomo and @1eyedmew help me craft.

Christina is much more helpful than Puck.

Puck is into surrealism. #cat #eyeball #cyclops

Besides eyeball brooches I’ve been making a few other eyeball things. I made this eyeball eyepatch for Nadya, stay tuned for more soon!! I have all the supplies to make a bunch more, I just need a second to sit down!


I’ve also been making outfits for quadrocopters for my roomies Mike and Christina.

Helping pimp out @aerialdomo 's 'copter :) :)

I'm declaring myself the world's first fashion designer for robots. I hope my robot overlords will show kindness to me in the future.

This last one is in progress. When it’s done it’s going to chase the lil white one around.

Realized I never posted this in progress pic of the hat I'm making @mikeestee 's 'copter.

Whew, that was a big eyeball update! Not surprising considering how much of my life faux eyeballs take up. I was looking for something the other day and found 4 different kinds of fake eyes: teddy bear eyes, googly eyes, taxidermy frog eyes and glass human eye.  I never actually found what I was looking for, btw.  On a final note, my  Audrey noted that I love eyeballs and got me these socks.  They are the best thing ever.

@y3rdua gave me the best socks ever ever ever!!!!! #eyeballs

My kinder whore/Goth look wearing them.

Today's outfit. 1 part kinderwhore, 1 part disaffected goth, and 1 part eyeball. #goth #eyeballs #eyeball #fashion

<3 Miss Tess Aquarium

PS I’m not selling a lot online these days but if you see anything you like or are interested in a custom piece get in touch. I can totally ship + I’m happy to do private studio showings of my work! When I’m in SF that is, lately I’ve been very bi-coastal. More on that later.

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