Booty Shorts and Arm Warmers

So a lot of people who are close to me know that I love spandex, like a lot. A lot a lot. A what do I love even more than spandex? Booty shorts. (editors note: I NEED EYEBALL PRINT SPANDEX BOOTY SHORTS!) A few months ago I decided that high waisted booty shorts were THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. Sometimes manufacturers skimp on the booty short fabric and you end up getting poked and jabbed and squished into really funny and uncomfortable ways, or you end up showing your butt crack or other parts that you may not want to show. I have owned many assorted pairs of booty shorts in my life, and made many pairs, and have formed some opinions about the way things should be.

This spring when I was in NYC I finally made the grand pilgrimage to Spandex World. I’ve ordered from their online store, and had folks give me fabric from there, but going in person was simply amazing. To be quite honest, I was in shock. It was hard to pick just a few prints. I try not to hoard supplies *too* much, moving cross country 2x has taught me the value in keeping the possessions to a minimum.

Anyway, after much searching, I picked a few prints to make into booty shorts and just finished them up. Sadly all of these are already gone but I’m working on digitizing my pattern, grading it to different sizes and cutting the fabric on the laser cutter. Stay tuned for more pairs this fall when I return from a work trip to Boston!

For now enjoy these photos that Audrey took!


Holographic, animal print, psychedelic, and more. The high waist looks super flattering and there is lots of room in the seat for a variety of different shaped people.  These can be worn with tights for more coverage, or without for extra sass!! Here are some pics of the shorts in action at Aimee’s going away picnic last month:

Psychedelic booty shorts are the new cut offs.

High waisted booty shorts are the new cut offs, just saying.

Booty short picnic. #bff #booty #picnic

Psychedelic booty shorts and my hand painted sparkle sigil from the Necronomicon  #sparkles #necronomicon #picnic

Prints on prints.

And a shameless iphone makeup shot for good measure!

Pastels,  denim, booty shorts. Aimee's going away picnic. #picnic #moving #friends

Man, I screwed the corner of my mouth up at Juplaya. Accentuated with hot pink lipstick!

That’s all for now folks! Oh wait, I made unicorn arm warmers recently, too!

Unicorn arm warmers for the show tonight :)

Sadly, they are all gone, too! I love these and I’m definitely making more :)


<3 Tess Aquarium

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  1. Anna says:

    wow love the shorts :D

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