Hairy Asparagus Scarves!

The rest of this week/rest of my life has been spent dealing with piles and piles of fabulous fake furs. With only 17 days left until Bazaar Bizarre I need to get on getting on. (OMG I DIDN’T REALIZE IT WAS ONLY 18 DAYS! I really should not have done a count down!!!) What have I been up to with all this fur? Hairy Asparagus Scarves!

The Hairy Asparagus Scarf

A bit about Hairy Asparagus Scarves from their etsy page:

Greetings from a far away planet where giant space cats live on top of toadstools and miniature frogs live in their hair. Sounds like some pretty far out fauna, eh? Just wait until you see the plants! Trees the color of cotton candy and flowers shaped like fish.

Most unusual of all is the Hairy Asparagus plant. Growing upwards of 6 feet tall this plant has multi colored hairy tips. As we all know once asparagus gets too big it’s inedible, so once Hairy Asparagus gets to large it’s harvested and made into scarves.

Hehe, aren’t they silly! I love to make these, the process is similar but each one comes our different so it’s a fun mix and relaxing and meditative work + excitement (oooh which fur next?!). Stay tuned for more pics of what I’m working on as well as NEW never before seen things and of course MORE TUTUS!!

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